Saw Tree Cutting has been founded
in 2005.

Firstly, Saw Tree Cutting team is professionals who delivery tree care services and removal trees in London and on suburbs area.

Secondly, we work in team of highly qualified climbers with all permissions and also with years of experience working in the crowns of the trees supported by ground workers who are also highly qualified to work tree removal.

What is more, we own certified equipment to removal trees and provide complex services not to hire additional middlemen.

Next, we supply the local green waste farm and all the waste from the removed trees that we produce during our work is used to produce green energy.

The most important, we are able to remove trees in a safe way for the surrounding environment.

In addition, we have completed arborist courses.

Special tasks.
There are cats which have been taken down from trees on our list
and casual things like drons.

Saw Tree Cutting team will perform any service
related to the felling of trees.

Saw Tree Cutting service collaborates with:
developers, managers of block of flats, agencies, garden companies, school, nurseries, supermarkets and of course private houses.

You are welcome to cooperate with us
or hire us. 
Saw Tree Cutting team is here for you
even for 7 days per week

– if there is necessity. 

Detailed information about 
Saw Tree Cutting team
can be found at

Saw Tree Cutting

We invite you to see
the photos in our portfolio

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